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We seem to have an irresistible urge to write on our old bridges and landmarks, or carve our names and initials in them, to leave our mark like Angelique did in January.


This picture could have been taken lots of places. Let’s see if you can identify the actual town where the bridge is located.

Hint: Where it sits now is not where it was built.

Another hint: Click here.

OK, one final hint: Another picture.

Identify all five* Iowa places in the Iowa Places Challenge and you’ll earn a free cup of coffee (or a soft drink if you don’t drink coffee) when you’re in Cedar Rapids. (Maybe a real prize, too.*)

To enter: Email your answers to bj@bjsmith.us after you figure out Challenge #5.

Have fun!

* Development of Parts 2 through 5 of the Iowa Places Challenge is on hold.

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